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Latest news…….In July, we took our first European viticulture student placements at Melbury Vale, Thomas and Lukas Szigeti, twin brothers, looking to improve their knowledge of the English language and the English viticulture profession. Their family run a substantial sparkling wine business in Austria and they were very interested to learn how we do things differently here and the resulting wines produced. They were a joy to work with and educate, so we hope that it is the first of many student training placements we can offer. During their stay, South-West MEP Clare Moody visited Melbury Vale for a tour of the winery facilities and explanation of the wines, joining with a group of local political party members for a lively debate on the economy and how European finances can impact upon us. We also had some input from our Austrian guests to give some comparisons of their own!

Our own MP, Simon Hoare, is due to visit Melbury Vale very soon, to see how the business is growing, sample the produce and understand some of the issues facing new businesses in the countryside. He is a keen supporter of rural business development, a thriving local economy and interested to see how small businesses and diversification in rural areas can have a positive impact.

Our licensing hours have now been extended into the evening and we have been able to offer several evening group events already, so thank you again to those of you who have supported us.

All we need now is a lot more sunshine to help this year’s harvest along!

Clare and Jospeh

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